Life with Braces

Life with braces requires a bit of modification from our normal routine.  As the braces are only on temporarily, we only have to make these changes for a short period of time.

When braces are first placed, there is a period of initial adjustment. The teeth might feel tender for a couple of days as they start straightening. As your lips adjust to the presence of the braces, they may feel slightly irritated; this too will pass in a couple of days.

Life with braces requires that we think about what we place in our mouth!! We need to avoid hard and crunchy foods so as not to break off the brackets and cut up our food into smaller pieces so that they are easier to chew.

The presence of braces on the teeth makes brushing and flossing more difficult, but it still needs to be done well to avoid swollen puffy gums and cavities. Our friendly team will teach you how to brush and floss so that you are able to maintain good hygiene. We also recommend keeping up with your hygiene and check-up appointments at your dentist.

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