General Information

Financial Information – General Information

Payment Options

For your convenience, we accept cash, personal checks and most major credit cards. Payment for the orthodontic records is due at the time the service is provided.

For the orthodontic treatment, interest-free payment plans are available. As the patient (or a parent of the patient), you authorize treatment and you are solely responsible for payment of all fees to the office, Innova Orthodontics. If your insurance coverage includes orthodontic treatment, documentation will be provided to you so that you will receive your benefits directly from your insurance carrier.

Financial Information

Once treatment begins, you will be given the appropriate forms to send to your insurance company so that they may reimburse you. In order to preserve the best treatment options for our patients, the British Columbia Association of Orthodontists policy recommends orthodontists do not accept payment directly from insurance companies, and as such, we bill you directly. Please note:

  • The monthly payment schedule does not reflect the work done in a particular month, but is merely are a way to divide the fee for your convenience.
  • Treatment times differ from patient to patient and the number of payments will not increase or decrease, regardless of the length of treatment, unless there is a lack of patient cooperation.
  • Missed appointments and extension of treatment time due to lack of cooperation may result in additional fees.
  • The quoted fee includes all services rendered in our office, except for the replacement of lost or broken appliances.
  • The fee does not include regular dental check-ups or dental work performed outside our office, at your general dentist office or with another dental specialist.
  • An administrative courtesy discount is given to you if you chose to pay in full at the start of treatment.

If services are terminated for any reason before the completion of treatment, the account will be adjusted and a just settlement determined based on the amount of treatment completed. Please be aware that approximately a third of the total treatment fee is incurred at the time of initial placement of appliances.

Insurance Information

Determination of Benefits

There are many different kinds of insurance plans. As such, we recommend you should contact your employer or union to obtain precise information regarding your benefits and what may be referred to as “preauthorization” requirements. 

We do not have access to your insurance information and you will avoid problems with your insurance company and unforeseen expenses by obtaining this information directly from your employer or union BEFORE you begin treatment.  Most plans will not pay for treatment that began before the coverage started even if it is only a few days difference.


Your insurance company may require that a treatment plan be submitted to them in advance for the determination (or authorization) of benefits. If you require this, after the consultation appointment, we will supply you with the proper forms outlining the treatment and fees. You may then submit it to your insurance company for benefit determination.

Possible Limitations

Most plans only pay a percentage of orthodontic treatment, not the entire cost and to a maximum dollar amount. There may be a deductible clause or a dollar limit or an age limit. Please make sure you are fully informed as to the limitations and maximums outlined in your coverage.

Submission of Completed Claim Forms

When treatment begins, a completed claim form will be given to you to send to your insurance company. This form only needs to be submitted once. Each time you make a payment we will issue you a receipt which you then submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

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