Financial Information

Treatment Fees
The overall orthodontic fee is dependent on several factors, including the severity of the malocclusion, the complexity or orthodontic care, anticipated duration of treatment and the treatment approach selected. The doctors customize your orthodontic treatment plan according to your needs, and because no two plans are identical, cost of treatment may differ from patient to patient. You will be able to thoroughly discuss the fees and payment options before any treatment begins.  We will present and explain the fee at your initial consultation. 

We understand that orthodontics is a substantial investment towards achieving good dental and oral health, in addition to a spectacular smile. We offer flexible plans to meet the specific needs of each family and to make orthodontics affordable to everyone. 

Typically, the cost of treatment is divided into an initial payment (due on the day treatment begins) and for your convenience, payment options for the balance are available.  Some patients request to pay the entire orthodontic fee in full at the beginning of treatment. There is a discount associated with this for “long term” full treatment cases (not Phase I). Extended payment terms are available, with no interest charged. The remaining balance is distributed over the anticipated treatment duration and is made as monthly payments. Please note that payment terms are offered as a courtesy to our patients to make it easier to finance treatment. If treatment takes longer than anticipated, you will not be charged more, even if you need more visits than expected. Conversely, if treatment is completed sooner than predicted, you are still required to fulfill the terms of the financial contract/agreement.

Overdue Accounts
Financial policies have been established to make orthodontics affordable but also while maintaining the highest level of professional care possible. There is no interest or financing charge related to the treatment fee, provided that the payment schedule is kept current. Monthly payments are expected to be paid on time and delinquent accounts will be subject to late charges. 

In the event a move is necessary before orthodontic treatment is completed, a case summary and copies of records will be forwarded to an orthodontist in the area to which you move. Our fee is prorated to the amount of treatment which has been completed at the time of transfer. The new orthodontist will be informed of our financial arrangements; However, it should be noted that he/she is not required to continue with the same fees. A new financial agreement will need to be made between you and the new orthodontist.


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