Positions in the Orthodontic Office

Positions in the Orthodontic Office

To provide the level of care we offer in an orthodontic office, it requires a team of individuals who work very closely and well together.

The team leader is the orthodontist. But the successful orthodontic practice can depend on a variety of other professional and clerical team members. These include:

  • Treatment Coordinator
  • Scheduling Coordinator
  • Office Administrator
  • Financial Administrator
  • Clinical Coordinator
  • Certified Dental Assistant with the Orthodontic Module
  • Orthodontic Laboratory Technician

The various positions on the orthodontic team require different levels of education and experience.


The orthodontist conducts the examination of each patient, reviews the patient’s orthodontic records, plans the patient’s treatment, communicates with the patient and family about the treatment and options, places the orthodontic bracket and bands, adjusts the orthodontic arch wires and directs treatment by the assistants.

Certified Orthodontic Dental Assistant

An orthodontic dental assistant requires additional education after becoming a certified dental assistant that allows them to provide orthodontic care. Typical Responsibilities include assisting the orthodontist with treatment, taking x-rays/records, educating the patients about oral health and overall health, serving as a key communications link between the patient and the doctor, preparing the teeth for placement of orthodontic brackets and bands, working with the orthodontic arch wires, taking impressions and instructing patients in all areas of treatment. Orthodontic Assistants also play key roles motivating patients to do their part to achieve the best result from their treatment.

Treatment Coordinator

This is the individual that will assist the orthodontist during the initial examination and will discuss your treatment with you, aside from the orthodontist. The treatment coordinator serves as the primary communications link between the patient and the doctor and the parent and doctor. This person provides further education of the treatment options and can explain the treatment plan more definitively.

Office Administrator

An office administrator helps schedule appointments, take care of clerical and bookkeeping duties, and coordinate telephone contacts with patients, family dentists, other dental specialists and physicians.

Financial Administrator

The financial administrator will help explain insurance and financial matters, prepare financial arrangements for patient’s, present/discuss the financial contracts and help with insurance documents as required.

Scheduling Coordinator

The scheduling coordinator manages patient appointments and the scheduling template of the office.

Orthodontic Laboratory Technician

The laboratory technician will prepare the impressions and make the stone models, make orthodontic retainers, and coordinate the office needs with outside labs.


All the members of the orthodontic team have a unique combination of skills, a steadfast commitment to long-term goals and a desire to excel. All positions require individuals who love working with people and can communicate effectively. We all work together to provide you with optimum patient centered care.

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