Headgear is design to encourage orthopedic changes to the upper and lower jaws. As such, for the results to be successful, patient compliance is of the utmost importance. It may take several days to become accustomed to the headgear. With practice, it will become easier to place and remove the headgear. We will determine the length of time you should wear your headgear, which can include wearing while you sleep. We do not ask you to wear the headgear to school or during any sporting activities.

An initial adjustment period is expected when wearing a headgear. However, the mild discomfort quickly dissipates within the first few days of consistent wear. Should the discomfort continue even while following provided instructions, please contact our office, Innova Orthodontics, immediately so that we are able to see you to assess your situation. You should also call if the appliance becomes damaged or broken so that we may be able to repair your headgear.

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