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The first step towards a beautiful, healthy smile is to schedule an appointment at Innova Orthodontics with Dr. Lenore Louie or Dr. Ritchie Mah. Please contact our office by phone or complete an online appointment request.



Our goal is to ensure your treatment goes smoothly and on schedule. We make your time a top priority. We recognize that your time is valuable. Therefore, we will always make every effort to see each and every patient at his/her scheduled time. In return, we kindly request that our patients arrive on time for their appointments so that we can keep everyone on schedule and satisfied.

To ensure quality orthodontic care and that your treatment to progresses in a timely fashion, orthodontic appliances must be adjusted and monitored on a regular basis for treatment to proceed as planned. Your office visits will be scheduled every 4-8 weeks to monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments. Although appointments may vary in length, they are all equally important to the success of treatment. Throughout treatment, depending on the stage of treatment, type of appliance and treatment progress, the frequency of appointments may vary as well. 

In order to maximize your time, we schedule longer appointments in the later morning and early afternoon. This eliminates long waiting times for minor adjustments. To maintain the success of our scheduling system, long appointments are scheduled at less popular times of the day. This allows us to accommodate the greatest number of patients during the more popular times (before or after school or work) which are usually the most frequent types of appointments, all while operating on time. We ask that you work with us in helping to make this system successful. 

By agreeing to have your longer appointments during school or work hours, the vast majority of your orthodontic appointments can be made after school or work, while still getting you into and out of the office on time.


Long Appointments

Examinations, diagnostic records, consultations and insertion and removal of braces and appliances are more detailed and technique-sensitive appointments. Therefore, these appointments will be scheduled during quieter hours. We reserve the early morning,  lunch hour and end of the day appointments for the shorter routine appointments. This means there are only a few appointments that will be in school hours



If something breaks, please call as soon as possible. Ignored problems may result in prolonged treatment and increased costs.  Depending on the type of breakage, simple procedures can be done relatively quickly, but loose or broken appliances and braces may take more time. The longer appointments are always scheduled during quieter hours at a specific time or when we are able to accommodate the emergency.


Missed Appointments

Another appointment will be scheduled, but longer appointments may require waiting 4 weeks. An appointment during school or work hours may likely be arranged sooner.



We appreciate that your time is extremely valuable; and we hope you understand that our time is as well. Should you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please kindly provide with as much advanced notice as possible, preferably at least 24 hours. This allows us to rearrange our schedule to accommodate your scheduling change and/or spend more time with emergency patients. That having been said, we understand that situations will arise unexpectedly that may force you to miss your appointment and we will do our best to reschedule you.



There are few emergencies in orthodontics. However, it is important that you inform us of any breakages, regardless of how big or small you feel the problem is.  Even if you have a previously scheduled appointment that is within a couple of days, we appreciate knowing that you possibly have something to be repaired as additional time is needed to do the repair. If we do not have sufficient time, we may not be able to complete all the desired procedures planned. 

If you experience pain, swelling or bleeding (usually from trauma to the mouth or face), please call the office. If the office is closed, an emergency contact number is listed. You will be seen as soon as possible, appropriate care given or be referred to your dentist or another specialist for treatment. 

Thank you for understanding and we look forward to your visits to our office. 


On-line Appointment Requests 

The first step towards a beautiful, healthy smile is to schedule an appointment at Innova Orthodontics with Dr. Lenore Louie or Dr. Ritchie Mah. Please contact our office by phone (604) 474-1141 or complete the appointment request form below. Our scheduling coordinator will contact you to confirm your appointment. Please note that we usually see new patients in the morning and the afternoon appointments are usually reserved for our patients who are currently in treatment.  

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