Additional Part of Braces

Additional Parts of Braces


Separators are small elastics that fit snugly between certain teeth to create a small amount of space to allow bands to be placed around them. Separators can fall out on their own if enough space has already been created. To determine if it needs to be replaced, slip some dental floss between the teeth; if it gets stuck, that means the separators hasn’t created enough room and needs to be replaced prior to your banding appointment. Avoiding sticky foods while wearing separators will help circumvent any potential problems with the separators falling out.

Elastics (Rubber Bands)

Rubber bands are small elastics that come in different sizes and are often hooked from the top teeth to the bottom teeth. Wearing elastics (or rubber bands) improves how your teeth fit together.  It is important to wear them as directed to correct your bite and allow for efficient treatment times.

Forsus Springs

The springs are designed to help correct the “overbite” of the front teeth. These are rods with a coil spring around it and are attached to the braces to help correct the bite.  They move the upper teeth back and the lower teeth forward.

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