Phase II

Phase II Treatment

Phase II treatment is also called comprehensive treatment because it involves full upper and lower braces when all of the permanent teeth have erupted. The goal of Phase II Treatment is to position all the permanent teeth to maximize their appearance and function while ensuring the upper and lower jaws match in size and shape.

This stage of treatment usually occurs between the ages of 11-15, as most of the permanent teeth have erupted by 12 years of age. At this time, crowding, spacing and the relationship of teeth are clearly identifiable. As these problems typically do not self-correct, this is when parents usually seek orthodontic treatment.

Children at this age are growing and orthodontics/dentofacial orthopedics can usually take advantage of this growth spurt to help shape the bite, teeth and jaws correctly. As a result of high metabolism and flexible bones, orthodontic treatment can be achieved in the most efficient time with the maximum results.

Aside from the benefits of growth, this is also a good time for orthodontic treatment as many children in this age range undergo orthodontic treatment. Patients are more amendable to wearing braces and appliances as many of their peers are undergoing the same thing.

Phase II Treatment after Phase I

Due to the improvements made in Phase I Treatment, comprehensive Phase II treatment may not require dental extractions or jaw surgery. Phase II treatment following Phase I is shorter in duration compared to if early orthodontic intervention was not completed. This is especially important for patients as they enter their teenage years!

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