Privacy Policy

As part of our job to provide safe and appropriate orthodontic treatment, we collect personal information on all patients. This information includes contact information, medical and dental history, past treatment and billing information. Billing information such as credit card and insurance coverage is used to facilitate payment for treatment rendered.

Use of your personal information is limited to providing patient care and receiving payment for these services. In communicating with other dental and/or medical professionals regarding your treatment, it may be necessary to share health or orthodontic records to ensure proper, accurate management of your treatment. The information that is shared is kept confidential. Should we need to forward personal information for any other purpose, you will be notified for consent prior to us sharing this content.

Personal biographical data and information regarding your treatment is stored within our orthodontic software program which has cloud based storage. As such, “We may disclose your information to third party organizations that may perform activities such as processing and storage of your information. Some of these organizations may be located or may use facilities and resources located outside of Canada (including in the United States) and your personal information may be collected, used, disclosed, stored, processed and destroyed outside of Canada (including in the United States) for the purposes described in this [policy/agreement]. As a result, your personal information may be subject to the laws of foreign jurisdictions (including those of the United States of America) and may be available to the foreign governments or their agencies under a lawful order or through other judicial process.”

To ensure the accuracy of the personal information collected, we encourage you to ensure that your records are accurate and current. Please notify our staff on your next visit or contact the office immediately if there is a change.

In order to maintain your confidentiality, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information under our control will be protected from unauthorized use and disclosure.  In the normal course of business, your information may be viewed by computer and accounting personnel.

If you have any questions regarding your personal information use, please feel free to ask us.

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